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Accellera Breakfast at DAC

In just a few years the Accellera breakfast has become an institution at DAC. It is held on Tuesday at 7:00 AM. This requires a bit of effort from the attendees, but it is well worth while.

It started as the usual breakfast, although I was sitting next to Richard Goering who raises chickens and thus found the scrambled eggs wanting. But I am sure that in places like Moscone the scrambled eggs come from a box of powdered eggs anyway.

Carbon Design Systems Showcases New Capabilities at Freescale Technology Forum

Carbon Design Systems Inc. (, announced that it has previewed its newly released ARM Cortex-A57 Carbon Performance Analysis Kit (CPAK) at the Freescale Technology Forum.

Behavioral, Legal, Political Issues of Internet of Things

Engineers almost always focus their attention solely to the technical aspects of a problem. The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly a complicated and fascinating topic to address. Advances so far indicate that we will be able to successfully implement all of the functions predicted for the next dozen years or so. Looking at the possible results we see a fascinating environment. If it were possible to adapt humans to the wonders of technology in a positive manner, the world would certainly be better.

But reality says that instead humans adapt technology to their own interest, not the other way around.

Synopsys ventures into the future with IC Compiler II

IC Compiler II should not come as a surprise to those who have noticed the significant increase in complexity of design and verification in moving from 45 to 30 nm processes. If you, like me, have also defined as "diabolic" the cost and complexity of designing for 20 and 14 nm processes.

The Al-Amarnah (AMARNA) ruins. A testament to Akhnaten

In May of 2011 my wife Linda and I went on a trip to Egypt. The trip was a mixture of tourism, geopolitical, and mystical aspects. As a result we visited both common touristic sites, as well as less known ones, and experienced private visits to some of the sites as part of our mystical pilgrimage.

Synopsys' ESL Power Analysis

Pat Sheridan, Sr. PMM for Synopsys Platform Architect

Rich Collins, Sr. PMM ARC Processors and Subsystems

In response to my question: "What tools or methods do architects and developers have or should have to define a realistic power budget at the system level?" Pat and Rich offered the following article.

DVCon Europe Is The Wrong Direction

DVCon USA, or should I call it DVCon SV for Silicon Valley, has just concluded another successful year. The conference has grown significantly, and it compares favorably with other SV based conferences in our industry. It is now a must attend event for all professionals involved in design verification. On the heels of such growth Accellera Systems Initiative has announced the first European DVCon conference to be held this October in Munich Germany. I believe this is a suboptimal choice.

Accellera, Deeper Dive, Real Intent, Xilinx, Synopsys

This week both Xilinx and Synopsys introduced new products. Xilinx is growing into a complete system company while Synopsys is benefitting from the acquired technology in hardware emulation to keep the competition in this sector very much alive. Taking advantage of the remote management capabilities built in all the latest computing platform, companies, not just governments, can now take a look at your activity on the web. So quit blaming the NSA alone, commercial reasons are an even bigger motivator to know what you are doing. Prakash Narain CEO of Real Intent released a point-of-view column in occasion of DVCon while Accellera's Day offers a birds-of-a-feather session organized around its Multi Language Working Group.

Synopsys, Coventry, India Electronics, CEVA, OneSpin

Interesting week in EDA as you can see from the items below. Good news from Synopsys, an interesting report on India, and two products announcements just in time for DVCon.

Starting A New EDA Company

Every once in a while the topic of what the EDA industry should be resurfaces. In the last few weeks I have read ideas from Rick Carlson, Joe Costello and Chris Rowen. All three are seasoned, successful EDA personalities who are, mostly due to the lack of new funding in the industry, unhappy with EDA. Unfortunately all three must bear some of the blame, since they are part of the successful EDA entrepreneurs who made the industry what it is today.

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