Gabe MorettiGabe Moretti is a recognized expert in all aspects of the EDA industry. Gabe has over thirty years of experience developing EDA tools spanning the range from design capture to chip layout. Gabe has also worked on the development of numerous industry standards including EDIF, VME, VHDL, and Verilog. He has held senior management positions with EIS Modeling, HDL Systems, and Intergraph/Veribest.

From 2000 Mr. Moretti has been covering the EDA industry as a writer and editor first with EDN Magazine and now with gabeoneda. During the last five years Mr. Moretti has written over forty full-length feature articles, as well as covered over 300 product introductions. He held the position of contributing editor at EDNonEDA, a by-weekly electronic newsletter covering the EDA market, and also authored the yearly EDA forecast (2002-2004) for the Electronics Yearbook published by Reed Elsevier. Mr. Moretti holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from Whittier College and a Master of Sciences degree in Computer Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles.

About the Website:
This site is dedicated to the thoughtful analysis of the EDA industry. It will provide editorial pieces about events in the EDA industry that, in our opinion, are significant to developers of electronic systems. Since good products are never successful without good marketing and a favorable economic climate, we will cover topics in these areas as well. Searching within the many PR releases distributed by EDA vendors to find the most relevant ones can be a time consuming task. We will cover those releases that, in our opinion, have the potential to significantly impact designers, managers, or the industry as a whole. Finally, we believe that a constructive dialogue among interested individuals is a major catalyst for progress. Therefore we welcome Letters to the Editor, both on subjects covered here as well as subjects you would like to see discussed.