Analog, RF, and Mixed Signal

Cadence Publishes Book on Mixed-Signal Methodology

The growing complexity of today’s mixed-signal designs requires major changes in design methodology to both increase productivity and deliver high quality products on time. This wide-ranging compendium examines in depth such topics as AMS behavioral modeling, mixed-signal metric-driven verification, concurrent mixed-signal physical implementation, analog scaling at advanced nodes, IC package integration and data management for mixed-signal designs.

Springsoft Releases Laker³ And A New Analog Prototyping Tool

The Laker custom IC design platform may not be the first layout tool an engineer would name, but it has continued to gain market shares since its introduction and now counts leading semiconductors companies as its customers. SpringSoft, Inc. has made a considerable step toward increasing its market share with the release of its Laker3 custom IC design platform and the new Laker Analog Prototyping tool. The third generation of the Laker product family delivers a complete OpenAccess (OA) environment for analog, mixed-signal, and custom digital design and layout that is optimized for performance and interoperability in 28 and 20-nanometer (nm) flows. Laker customers with current maintenance contracts can upgrade immediately at no charge. The new Laker Analog Prototyping tool is list priced starting at US$80,000 per year for a three-year subscription license.

Orora's Arana Selected By STARC

STARC, the Japanese electronic design consortium, has selected Orora’s Arana as the post-layout mixed-signal design verification solution for Japanese semiconductor industry’s next-generation STARCAD-AMS Analog/Mixed Signal reference flow.

Magma Delivers A New Version Of Titan AMS

Magma Design Automation announced the availability of a new release of the Titan Analog/Mixed-Signal (Titan AMS) Design Platform. With patent-pending analog design technology, Titan provides an innovative FlexCell-to-GDSII analog/mixed-signal (AMS) flow that organically integrates both electrical design and physical design into one unified design methodology. More than 30 customers, including the majority of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world have adopted Titan AMS, according to Magma.

Competition In The Analog, Mixed/Signals Market Is Fierce

The number of analog and mixed/signals designs is increasing at a steady pace, and EDA companies are working very hard to establish a leadership in this sector. Both Cadence and Magma have issued press releases to this effect. Both execution speed and capacity of the simulator are key competitive elements, but the fundamental requirement remains accuracy. A fast but inaccurate simulation is worth nothing, in fact it is a detriment to the development team.

Magma’s Titan Selected by iWatt to Automate Design of Power Supply Control ICs

Magma® Design Automation Inc. announced that iWatt has adopted the Titan™ platform to improve analog design and layout productivity, and to automate difficult routing tasks including analog cell layouts and chip-level assembly. iWatt, a developer of energy-efficient digital power supply control integrated circuits (ICs) used in leading-edge power supplies, adopted Titan based on results of an extensive evaluation in which Titan enabled iWatt’s designers to set up and route a design in just 2 days – an effort that would have taken more than 2 weeks to do manually.

AWR and CapeSym Sign Exclusive Reselling Agreement for Electrical-Thermal MMIC Co-Design

AWR® Corporation has signed an agreement with CapeSym that names AWR as the global and exclusive reseller of CapeSym’s SYMMIC software package for thermal analysis of microwave integrated circuits (MMICs). Marketed as AWR Connected™ for CapeSym SYMMIC, the product offering allows high-power RF designers to perform thermal analysis on MMICs designed within AWR’s Microwave Office software.

Mentor Graphics Introduces Calibre RealTime

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the new Calibre® RealTime platform for signoff-quality physical verification during design creation. The first release provides instantaneous design rule checking (DRC) in the SpringSoft Laker™ custom IC design and layout solution, using the same Calibre decks as the signoff flow. A version for the Mentor® IC Station® custom design environment will be available in June.

SpringSoft Completes OpenAccess-Compatible IC Layout Flow

SpringSoft, Inc., a global supplier of specialized IC design software, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Laker™ Advanced Design Platform (ADP) design entry tool, completing its front-to-back custom IC layout flow based on the OpenAccess (OA) standard. The new software release also includes a host of productivity-enhancing features and improvements for design entry, analysis and navigation.

Cadence Enhances Unified Custom/Analog Flow

Cadence Design Systems, Inc announced major enhancements to its Virtuoso®-based custom/analog flow, boosting productivity across the entire flow from initial design specification to final GDSII and for process nodes down to 20 nanometers. The expanded custom/analog flow -- spanning design, implementation, and verification -- includes methodology improvements to help designers manage design parasitics, a DFM capability integrated within the Virtuoso environment, and the integrated Virtuoso Power System, which provides a signoff-accurate way to manage power and signal integrity issues. These enhancements, and many more, are aimed at boosting designer productivity across all process nodes.