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EDA: Back to the Future Dinner and Auction

EDAC is sponsoring an event at the Computer History Museum to celebrate five decades of EDA. As I wrote previously, I only have 43 years in EDA and, in fact, when I started in 1968 it was called Computer Aided Design (CAD). For the purists, like myself, the technology became EDA with the introduction of commercial logic synthesis tools. For me there is a difference between using computers to aid in the design process and having computer programs perform functions based on algorithms as a substitute for human skills. But let's not look for precise semantics.

Semiconductors Things Are Changing: Another Serious Hint

Daniel Nenni has started a conversation on his creation Semiwiki with the provocative title: "Are 28 nm Transistors the Cheapest...Forever?" (
It appears that after (thanks EDAC) having addressed only technology issues for fifty years, the industry is finally realizing that we are all in this in order to make a profit. Daniel deals almost exclusively with fabrication costs, but I think that there is a significant, and growing, body of evidence to show that development costs also justify his conclusion.

Gallium Nitrate (GaN) Not Just For LEDs Anymore

The Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitrate says that GaN " is probably the most important semiconductor material since silicon. It can be used to emit brilliant light in the form of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes, as well as being the key material for next generation high frequency, high power transistors capable of operating at high temperatures."

Electronics: Change Is In The Air

I have been lucky to be able to take a relative long vacation on the high seas and in Italy to recharge the batteries and celebrate my retirement. The time was very enjoyable, but the retirement is not lasting. There is only so much golf one can play, and so much metaphysics one can study. So I started to look at EDA and semiconductors industries again because this is what I love to do. And what I found, having stepped back for almost half a year, may surprise a few.

Real Intent Records Banner Year

During this year, Real Intent evolved from an EDA formal verification company to a verification solution company. In fact, Formal is just one of verification's aspects.

Mentor Graphics Contributions to TSMC's 20nm Design Infrastructure

During the last few days, I have received a number of press releases from both Cadence and Synopsys dealing with their work with TSMC on the 20 nm process. It then makes sense for me to hear from Mentor Graphics as well. Their news, unlike their two direct competitors, did not specifically focus on 3D-IC technology, although a tweet from Dennis Brophy chirped about it, but instead deals with a broad range of tools.

Zuken Innovation World

Zuken Innovation World in Newport Beach is just days away, but there is still time to register!

October 15-17, 2012
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

You can register here

The conference includes two full days of presentations from Zuken experts, partners and customers.

• North America Power Utility implementation of E³.series (Hydro-Québec)
• World-class Silicon & Development Tools for Intelligent Embedded Connected Devices (Intel Corporation)

Calypto PowerPro Adopted by Core Logic for Advanced RTL Power Reduction

Calypto® Design Systems announced that Core Logic Inc., a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, has adopted PowerPro CG as their primary power optimization tool for designing their complex system-on-chip (SoC) products.

Samsung Invests $4 Million in Carbon Design Systems

The news that Samsung Venture Investment Corporation has invested $4 million in Carbon Design Systems is a clear indication that Carbon's products have achieved a critical place in the design flow at Samsung. Obviously Samsung cannot run the risk of seeing a small company as Carbon disappear, and can also leverage thje investment should an acquisition happen in the future.

Real Intent Expands in Japan and Europe

Since Graham Bell joined Real Intent just before DAC this year, the company has entered into two business moves that have expanded its presence both in Europe and in Japan.