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The Phil Kaufman Award Dinner

It is not too late to make your reservations to attend the 17th annual Phil Kaufman Award dinner. This year's honoree is Pat Pistilli the founder of DAC. There is no denying it that without DAC the EDA industry would have been a different industry, likely not as successful, certainly less cohesive, and much less fun. As is the case with many successful and influential men, his wife Marie has also played a key role in nurturing DAC in the beginning and managing it once it had reached maturity. But, the award is given to an individual, so Pat gets the honor of having his picture on the Phil Kaufman Award web page.

The Original Sin

Mike Gianfagna, VP of Marketing at Atrenta, wrote a short article last week that was published in the System Level Design community. You can read it now or when you finish reading this article. To find it go here.

High Level Synthesis Exposed

About a week ago I got my very own copy of the "High-Level Synthesis Blue Book" written by Michael Fingeroff of Mentor Graphics. My first impression was surprise. This is not a marketing book, this is a serious engineering book, even if Chapter 1 by Thomas Bollaert is a marketing introduction to the topic.

Aldec and Mentor Make News About DO-254

I need to confess I did not know anything about DO-254 until a few days ago. And yet, it is an FAA standard that describes compliance for the verification of electronic hardware in airborne systems. So, all airborne electronic hardware developed after 2005 has to meet this standard. In the last couple of days, both Aldec and Mentor have issued press releases about their support for DO-254.

Mentor Fights A Brave Battle, But Can It Win The War?

On Friday, July 30, the Portland Business Journal reported that Carl Icahn has now reached a 14.13% ownership of Mentor Graphics. If you remember, Mentor passed a shareholder rights plan (see to defend itself against unwanted takeover maneuvers. The plan stipulates that if an unfriendly shareholder accumulates more than 15% of shares in the company, all other shareholders of record as of July 6, 2010 will receive one share for every share held at the discount price of 50%. The purpose is to dilute the percentage of shares held by the unwanted "intruder". Let's do the numbers.

On Being Number Two in "EDA"

I have learned a lot in the last twenty-four hours. I am referring to the discussions I have had regarding Mentor's assertion that it is the second largest EDA vendor in terms of revenue. As you might remember, I wrote an article, you can find it here, regarding Jay Vleeschhouwer analysis of the four largest publicly traded EDA companies in 1Q10. In it I questioned Mentor's assertion that they are number 2 in terms of revenue. Iwas looking at total revenue for the year. I have since learned that is not what I was supposed to do. Read on for the full explanation.

Gabe Moretti: Ink Stained Fingertips

It may have been Gabe Moretti’s career foray into the newspaper business as a college student that piqued a long-held interest in reporting and analysis. For when an opportunity arose to chronicle the EDA and semiconductor industries for EDN Magazine in 1999, he couldn’t resist the chance to get his fingertips stained with ink.
Let’s begin Gabe’s story in 1966 with IBM, but first, a few particulars. Born in Turin, Italy, during World War II, Gabe came to the United States as an exchange student in 1960, spending 11 months in Torrance, Calif. Back in Italy, he worked for the American consulate in Turin after graduating from high school. In 1964, he returned to the U.S. with a full scholarship to the California Institute of Technology, otherwise known as CalTech.

Observations on Jay Vleeschhower's Report

Financial analysis is a demanding task. It requires not only a knowledge of accounting and statistics, but also a deep understanding of the industry and the impact of the overall financial conditions on its results. The EDA industry is a small sector in the financial world, and yet quires some knowledge, or at least appreciation, for the engineering principles it applies and the physical laws it must respect.

EDAC Reports First Quarter 2010 Results for EDA Industry.

As part of its services to its members, and to a lesser extent to the EDA industry in general, the EDA Consortium (EDAC) publishes a quarterly Market Statistics Service (MSS). The latest report, that usually is published about three months from the close of the covered quarter, has been made public today. The 1Q2010 industry revenue was $1247 million, a 4.6 percent increase compared to $1192.1 million in Q1 2009. Sequential EDA revenue declined 1.2 percent, while over the last four quarters it declined 5.9 percent.