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What Is Up With Social Media?

Cindy Wilson

A commonly asked question I hear all the time is: "What is up with Social Media?" As well as, "Is this just another phase?" And, "Do companies need to get on board or just ride it out?"

The answer to all is YES; your company needs to be established with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube for it to be considered current in Marketing now-a-days. Every year the cost/return to traditional Marketing will continue to decline. In 5 years time, it will just be the way things are done.

Emulation for the People?

Lauro Rizzatti, General Manager of EVE-USA

This week at EDSFair in Japan, EVE is demonstrating the latest addition to its ZeBu family of fast emulation systems, ZeBu-Blade2. This next generation emulator couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as the verification community searches for innovative solutions for the challenges of System-on-chip (SoC) realization, where emulation now plays a key role.

The Right Skill for the Job, the Right Tool for the Job

A friend recently had a complete set of dinnerware shipped from one coast to the other. Her story reinforces the old adage that you need to have the right skill for the job and the right tools.
Her shipment of chartreuse-colored –– that funky color halfway between yellow and green –– dishes, designed by Russel Wright in the 1950s is highly collectable and some that have never been used, were given to her when her aunt died. More important, they’re as usable and functional as they’ve ever been.

Emulation is Central to the Entire Design Cycle

Lauro Rizzatti, General Manager of EVE-USA

It’s hard not to gloat when one of the biggest companies in EDA corroborates what we’ve been saying all along: Emulation is the central part of the entire design cycle.
Yes, that’s exactly what Cadence’s executives said during its most recent earnings call, as they described the early success of a newly introduced product built around emulation to support virtual co-verification and rapid prototyping.

Finding Success in EDA

Luc Burgun, CEO and President, EVE


It’s been a while since any EDA pundit compared our market niche to Microsoft. Sure, Microsoft dominates the computing software market segment, while our industry has four major players. Yet, there are similarities. It’s time to dust off this comparison for another look, especially as chip designs get more complex and time-to-market pressures more intense.

The Google's Android Speculation

The proposed acquisition of the Motorola Mobility company by Google has started a flurry of analysis and speculations about the future of the Android operating system, including whether or not Google can have an open source operating system like Android and also have their own proprietary line of portable computing and communication devices (PCCD). Please note that I use the term PCCD and not cell phone on purpose, since I think that a cell phone is a current product, not a future product.

Intel Capital Creates $300 Million Ultrabook Fund

Intel Capital today announced a $300 million Ultrabook™ Fund to help drive innovation in this new category of devices. As announced at Computex earlier this year, Ultrabook systems will marry the performance and capabilities of today's laptops with tablet-like features. Ultrabook devices will deliver a highly responsive and secure experience in a thin, light and elegant design at mainstream prices.

The Week In The World Of EDA: July 4 - 10

It is summer, less than thirty days after DAC, and so products news are fewer, yet there are some. But there are other news keeping bloggers busy. Three acquisitions were completed during the week.

The IP Market Is A Way Out From Business As Usual For EDA Vendors

In the space of less than one year Synopsys has managed to open new opportunities for EDA vendors. I am not going to say that the results are a consequence of a planned strategy and exemplary implementation, but it is possible that Aart de Geus came up with such brilliant global strategy. The problem for the industry is: has any EDA vendor paid attention? The EDA industry problem has been well recognized and explained by Jim Hogan and others, including myself. You cannot increase margins by just selling tools to design engineers in a small available market. For a more in depth discussion on this subject subscribe to the "Assembling The Future" newsletter. The July issue will contain an article on the subject.

Accellera and Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) Get Engaged

Today, Accellera and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding outlining a plan to form a single organization. The new organization will leverage the complementary efforts of both groups to create more comprehensive standards to benefit the worldwide electronic design community, and facilitate efficient collaboration among its members.