Go Configure Design Challenge Series

Submitted by Gabe Moretti on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:32

efabless, a marketplace and platform for community-engineered electronics, and Silego,  noted the rapid evolution of electronic design through configurability and open source, two powerful megatrends …

… And, set in motion their "Go Configure Design Challenge Series" to demonstrate the future of mixed-signal design and community engineering through a marketplace for innovators and their designs beginning Monday, October 2. The challenge series calls the global designer community to implement well-used functions using Silego's GreenPAK CMICs and its intuitive drag-and-drop software GUI with the efabless platform serving as the crowd source design platform. 

The "Go Configure Design Challenge Series" consists of 10 separate designs based on 10 commonly used functions and runs through Monday, December 11, with two challenges announced every two weeks until Monday, November 20. Contestants will have two weeks to submit their designs through the efabless platform. Winners will be announced monthly.

Challenges are open to all engineers who want to learn a better way to design mixed-signal circuits and win some prizes while doing so. Winners will receive cash awards in the form of Amazon gift cards and a choice of various electronic prizes, including smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and wireless earbuds. Contestants accumulate points for successful designs. The top total score for the "Go Configure Design Series" will win an Apple 12-inch Macbook or Microsoft Surface and all design challenge category winners will be entered into a drawing for an Apple Homepod. All participants will receive GreenPAK development kits and Silego gifts.

Participants who submit several designs demonstrating high proficiency in CMIC designs will receive a Silego certification and a chance to become a Silego Design Partner.

More information about the "Go Configure Design Challenge Series" is found at: www.efabless.com/silego