Accellera Systems Initiative Released a New Core Language Library for SystemC

Submitted by Gabe Moretti on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 12:09

Gabe Moretti

Accellera released a new version of the SystemC core language (SystemC 2.3.2, including TLM 2.0.4). Ratified as IEEE Std. 1666-2011 "Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual," SystemC is a high-level language used in the design and development of electronic and embedded systems. The SystemC 2.3.2 proof of concept library is an update to the standard that was released in 2011 which included transaction-level modeling. The new library is fully compatible with IEEE Std. 1666-2011 and is available at

SystemC 2.3.2 is a maintenance release that incorporates over 150 individual contributions addressing issues and errata that have been reported during the past three years. The accompanying regression test suite covers bug fixes as well as additional features. Changes include:

· Initial support for modern C++ standards (C++11, C++14)

· An extended hierarchical name registry, enabling a seamless integration with the upcoming CCI configuration standard

· New common base class for TLM-2.0 sockets, additional optionally bound TLM-2.0 convenience sockets

· New conversion functions of time values from and to strings

· Tracing of time values and event notifications

· Reworked build system, supporting additional compilers and platforms (now including AArch64), as well as experimental support for the CMake build tools


The release also includes experimental features beyond the extensions included in 2.3.1 proposed by the Language Working Group that are not yet included in IEEE Std. 1666-2011. Most notably, the implementation includes extended support for synchronizing with external processes, enabling advanced coarse-grained parallel simulations. More information can be found in the companion release notes.


The IEEE Std. 1666-2011 standard may be obtained at no charge via the Accellera Systems Initiative-sponsored IEEE Get Program. The newly released version 2.3.2 of the open source proof-of-concept SystemC library and the corresponding regression suite is available under the Apache 2.0 License and may be downloaded free of charge on the Accellera website.