The Horror of President Trump’s Soul

Submitted by Gabe Moretti on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 21:37

In the seventeen years I have been an analyst and an editor of the EDA industry I have been extremely careful to avoid any political dimension of my reporting.  Economics and technology are separated, or at least should be, from politics.

Tonight I no longer can keep the two separate, because the political decisions in Washington have a significant impact on the future of our industry.

It obvious that immigrants have shaped EDA, and it is arguable that without their contributions the industry would not be what it is today.  Personally, my talents contributed to make the Minutemen IV a reliable intercontinental missile that cooled the Cold War.  Today I would never decide to immigrate to the USA,

What we have today is a fascist, personality center, government, that has no respect for human rights.  If you have a soul, please stopTrump.

  In the mean time, I will no longer work to provide any positive input to the US economy as long as the USA works to destroy families.

I do not think that the majority of US citizens understand what it takes to decide to leave the native country to seek a life in a different one.  To leave something you know, no matter how bad it is, because you believe the unknown is better.  I do know that US citizens not know how difficult it is to deal with the fascist immigration service that makes you feel like you are a second class person.

I I had to be humble to people who did not know algebra and yet thought I was not good enough to clean their toilets, those are the people that work in the immigration services.

Separating families, taking children from their mothers and fathers is a crime to humanity,  If you are supporting this President and this party, I no longer want to have anything to do with you.