Kilopass Expands XPM Non-Volatile Memory IP Enablement for Power Management

Kilopass Technology, Inc. announced that it has successfully expanded enablement of its XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) NVM IP on the Dongbu HiTek AN180 and BD180 BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) processes.

Kilopass has also begun enablement of its XPM solutions at additional 180nm BCD foundries due to customer demand. Power management designs targeting mobile devices, hard drives, and the wide range of electronic systems being designed into automobiles, smart cities, and homes are driving increased demand for JEDEC-qualified Kilopass embedded NVM IP to store analog trim, product configuration data, and code storage in BCD process technology.

Design for 180nm BCD leverages technology know-how from 180nm standard logic CMOS process development. Kilopass’ 2T bitcell utilizes the 1.8V core NMOS devices incorporated in the BCD process. As a result, the memory array does not change from standard logic process to BCD. Only the array’s high voltage peripheral circuits need to be redesigned using the 5V I/O device available in BCD. Using the 5.0V I/O devices improves performance and reliability for the high voltage paths. Given Kilopass antifuse technology is temperature and voltage invariant, qualification work on the standard logic process can be leveraged to enable faster time to market for 180nm BCD.

Field programmability and the low cost to integrate Kilopass embedded NVM IP in BCD make the memory ideal in power management and power conversion designs: to supply mobile phones and tablets; to provide control and sense for MEMS gyroscopic, accelerometer and compass sensors; to drive LCD and OLED displays; and to drive motors such as optical zoom lens and shutter control of digital cameras or mobile phone vibrate function. Kilopass XPM can provide a few hundred bits for trimming analog components up to 256kb for program code storage in the microcontrollers being incorporated on power management integrated circuits. Kilopass’ NVM solutions can be over-provisioned to enable multi-time programmability that allow for changing program code over time.

"As the market for smart power in portable devices as well as automobiles, homes, and computer equipment continues to develop so too does the demand for embedded NVM in BCD process technology," said Linh Hong, vice president of sales and marketing at Kilopass Technology Inc. "Traditionally, a few bits to a few kilobits are needed for storing trim and calibration in power management designs. However, we are seeing a trend where power management designs are becoming embedded systems where code storage integration is required. Kilopass has solutions to meet a wide variety of usages from 16b to 256kb in BCD."