Zuken Incorporates Würth Elektronik DFM Rules Into CADSTAR

Zuken and Würth Elektronik announced that design principles and layer stacks from Würth products will be incorporated into the next version of CADSTAR as part of a new collaboration that will help create higher quality PCB designs.

By including Würth Elektronik’s latest design rules in CADSTAR, Zuken’s desktop powerful PCB design solution, the companies will optimize and simplify the PCB construction process, resulting in improved manufacturability and affordability.

With PCB designs becoming more complicated and manufacturing costs squeezed, it is more important for PCB designers to communicate design details to their PCB manufacturers at an early stage. Ignoring this step can lead to unbalanced designs, inaccurate design data, increased costs and reduced reliability. Zuken and Würth Elektronik’s collaboration addresses this critical issue.

Würth Elektronik’s design rules and layer structures will be incorporated into the latest version of CADSTAR as templates which can be applied during the layout process. They will be available for download from Zuken Global Support for all on-maintenance customers.
This collaboration also means that PCB designers can look forward to further design for manufacturing improvements in the future.