Zuken Innovation World Post Conference Training

Zuken is pleased to offer two training courses immediately following the ZIW Conference. The training will take place on October 18th. Attendees can combine travel to both the conference and the training, thus saving considerable amounts of money. The fee for attending these special courses is a highly discounted rate of only $350 for the full day.

CR-5000 Course

This workshop is focused on addressing today's common Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and EMC issues at the PCB level. Without indulging on the theoretical and mathematical background of these principles, the emphasis is on gaining a practical understanding of how these problems come to existence on the PCB, and learning how they can be avoided, or fixing the issue if they are detected. No previous knowledge on analysis tools for SI, EMC or PI is required for this course, but they will be used as an aid to explain each scenario and be used for detecting addressing signal integrity, EMC, and power integrity issues.

E3 Course

As E³.series evolves each year with new features and enhancements, this training course will provide you with the opportunity to take a detailed look at the New Features in E³.series 2011 Service Packs and E³.series 2012. This course will give you the 'knowledge' and 'hands on exercises' to apply these new feature in your current working environment and design process. Knowledge of E³.series 2010 schematic and cabling, and E³.series 2010 database is required to attend this course.