Zuken Innovation World Roadshow

Zuken is not a frequently mentioned when I ask people in the industry to give me names of companies that are at the leading edge of our technology. Yet the company is a major player in the PCB market, second only to Mentor according to Gary Smith. The reason for this lack of knowledge rests, I believe, in the nature of the company. Zuken is a Japanese company with major research and development assets in Germany as well. This, I believe, justifies the reserved approach to the market. Zuken does not promote itself with the high profile events of its competitors.

But things seem to be changing. This year Zuken has launched the "Innovation Road Show". The major North America event just concluded with the Annual Users Group meeting in Newport Beach. Other events on the calendar include one in Japan, and six in Europe. One is planned in the United Kingdom, two in Germany, and one each in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

To read more about it go to the Zuken blog by clicking on the Zuken logo on the right of the page.