Jazz Semiconductor wins Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan, a company that specializes in growth consulting and corporate training held its yearly Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards in Naples Florida May 25th. The awards are presented to companies in varied industry sectors who demonstrate best practices in their regional and global markets. Honorees vary from pharmaceutical to semiconductor, from aviation security to electrical grid monitoring.

Frost & Sullivan presented the award for foundry of the year to Jazz Semiconductor for its significant contributions toward promoting SiGe technology by bringing the multi-fab modular capability to that market. The award is unique because it provides a forum for leading companies in diverse fields to come together and share problems and solutions across markets boundaries.
Jazz offers SiGe processes targeted to particular application segment, such as wireless communications, optical networking, or consumer electronic devices. Jazz Semiconductor was formed in 2002 upon the contribution of Newport Fab LLC by Conexant Systems and cash investments from affiliates of the Carlyle Group. It provides RF and analog CMOS, BiCMOS, and SiGe BiCMOS processes to its customers.
Among its inventory of processes, Jazz highlights a 180 nm process that enables analog, RF, and power functions on a single platform. In addition to offering high voltage transistors, Jazz provides high-density resistors, capacitors and inductors for more compact design sizes by scaling passive device area. Customers can take advantage of vertical PNP, RF LDMOS, 5.0V and 8.0V extended drain FETs offered in addition to standard 3.3V and 1.8V FETs to integrate voltage regulator, battery charger, or RF power amplifier in their products.

It is becoming evident to every one that in order to enable the use of advanced process technologies, foundries and EDA vendors must establish working partnerships that can insure their customers will be able to take advantage of the tools and the process as an integrated development environment. Jazz semiconductor is pioneering a close cooperation with EDA companies in the area of analog design and chip realization. Paul Kempf, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Jazz, said that the company established a close working relationship with both Cadence and Agilent to insure that common customers could use the process design kit (PDK) seamlessly in their development methodology. The collaboration is ongoing so that the companies can respond promptly to new design requirements and new processes.