A Day with the ARC Processors Family

Submitted by Gabe Moretti on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 13:00

Gabe Moretti


Synopsys will hold its ARC Processor Summit on September 26 at the Santa Clara Marriott. Attendees will learn about the latest technologies and trends in embedded processor IP, software, programming tools and applications. This free event consists of multiple tracks offering 28 sessions in which experts from Synopsys, partners and the ARC user community will discuss challenges and solutions for a variety of topics including IoT security, automotive safety, embedded vision and more.

Jeff Bier from the Embedded Vision Alliance and founder and President of Berkeley Design Technology Inc. will deliver the keynote address. The topic is: How AI, Deep Learning and Machine Perception are Changing Our World.

The premise of the talk is that in a very short time, we're seeing roughly a 10X improvement in cost-performance and energy efficiency at each of three layers: algorithms, software techniques, and processor architecture. Combined, this means that we can expect roughly a 1,000X improvement. So, tasks that today require hundreds of watts of power and hundreds of dollars' worth of silicon will soon require less than a watt of power and less than a dollar's worth of silicon. This will be world-changing, enabling even very cost-sensitive devices, like toys, to incorporate sophisticated visual perception.

To fulfill the prediction will require innovative design architectures and new EDA tools. The ARC Processors family, complemented by Synopsys IP’s, is well suited for upcoming designs and Synopsys is extremely capable to develop leading edge EDA tools.

The summit is divided into three tracks: Hardware, Software, and Embedded Vision. Each track offers between eight and ten sessions each. It is an intense day, to be sure, but one that promises to be very productive for both ARC users and those who want to learn more about its capabilities. I will attend and will be happy to exchange ideas with you.