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Check out your options in E³.series 2012

The latest Zuken blog uses the analogy of available options when you purchase a new car to illustrate the options available with its E³.series 2012 product. Check it out by clicking on the Zuken box on the right.

SoC Verification Made Easy

Ralph Zak, Business Development Director, EVE


Yes, you read the headline correctly and there are no typos in it. For 10 years or more, companies such as EVE have focused their engineering resources on providing high-performance, application-specific validation solutions with the goal to simplify the process of verifying complex SoC designs.

Catapult LP Handles System Level Power Issues

A few days before DAC Calypto announced Catapult Low-Power (LP), a high-level synthesis (HLS) tool that adds power as an optimization goal. Since August 2011, when Calypto received Catapult C from Mentor the company has integrated the tool within the ESL flow that includes SLEC, its equivalence checking tool, and now has also integrated a power analysis and evaluation function into the tool renamed simply Catapult.

Zuken on TechBridge Solutions

The latest blog from Zuken, which you can read by clicking on the link on the right, introduces TechBridge Solution. The company has just become a reseller of CADSTAR in North America. Read the blog to get acquainted with this small but growing company, staffed by people knowledgeable in PCB and EDA in general.

In addition to an interview with TechBridge president, the blog also details some of the reasons that have convinced the company to become a CADSTAR reseller.

Cadence Acquires Sigrity

Underlying the increased importance of power distribution and c0onsumption, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. has acquired Sigrity, Inc., a signal and power integrity technology provider. The acquisition was completed on July 2, 2012 at a purchase price of approximately $80 million.

Automatic Generation of SDC by Blue Pearl Software

As electronics designers face increasing pressure to shorten the design cycle, the need for automatic generation of key design data increases. The penalty for missing the market window means financial losses for the company and at times, even the need to abandon that particular market. One of the ways to improve reliability and shorten development time is to increase the robustness of the relationship between RTL developers and place and route engineers. Synthesis is the key step in the process of transforming a RTL representation into a gate level one.

Atrenta Accelerates Growth in Front End Design with Acquisition of NextOp Software, Inc

Atrenta Inc. has acquired NextOp Software, Inc., a provider of assertion synthesis technology. Atrenta's products focus on improving efficiency and reducing cost for the design of complex semiconductor IP and system-on-chip (SoC) devices while NextOp's products focus on improving efficiency and reducing cost for the functional verification of IPs and SoCs. The combination of both company's products creates a more complete SoC Realization platform. NextOp's staff based in Santa Clara will move into the Atrenta San Jose facility. On the other hand, the NextOp's Shanghai facility will become the Atrenta office in China. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

EVE’s Positive Impressions of This Year’s DAC

Cindy Wilson, Marcom Manager, EVE

DAC may be over, but the feeling of community and a job well done has stayed with those of us who staffed the EVE booth. We are quite happy with the turnout this year and, if you walked by our booth, you’ll know why -- our presentations were well attended all three days. Monday, in particular, was brimming with attendees all eager to learn more about our ZeBu hardware-assisted verification platform. In fact, we scheduled an additional presentation or two due to the heavy traffic and high degree of interest.

Mentor Graphics Announces Annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards Program

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the call-for-entries of its 24th annual Technology Leadership Awards (TLA) competition, continuing its tradition of recognizing excellence in printed circuit board (PCB) design.

The Mentor Technology Leadership Award contest is open to any designs created with the Mentor PCB solutions, including the Board Station, Expedition Enterprise and PADS design flows. Judging will be based on overcoming complexity challenges, such as small form factor, high-speed content, design team collaboration, advanced PCB fabrication technologies and design-cycle time reduction. Judging will start July 31 and winners will be announced September 23 on a worldwide web broadcast.

Zuken Innovation World Call For Papers Submission

Zuken Innovation World is Zuken Americas annual conference and the company is seeking papers on this year's theme of INNOVATION. Sharing first-hand knowledge and experience is a cornerstone of this conference and what makes it so successful. Amy Clements, conference manager told me that they are interested in papers that describe a breakthrough or a solution to a particular design challenge. Submissions must bereceived by July 13. The Zuken Innovation World 2012 conference will be held October 15-17 in Newport Beach, CA, a location that is hard to resist.

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