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Zuken Blog Authors Write About CADSTAR

Zuken published two blogs just around the DAC time frame. It is a time when I and most other EDA editors are very busy with what is going on at the conference and do not have much time left to cover those vendors that are not at the conference. Now that I am back at the office I found the time to look at what was going on while I was at the conference in San Francisco.

Software Costs Up: This Is Not News

Steve Leibson posted an article in the EDA360 Insider that reports on a panel at DAC chaired by Wally Rhines. The panel on ESL touched on the cost of IC development and Wally pointed out that the cost of software development is much higher than the one for hardware. In fact, software development costs are rising.
This should not come as a surprise to careful observers of the industry.

Kilopass Memory Pill

Kilopass has published its number 3 issue of this year's Memory Pill newsletter. The issue features three perspectives on the next killer application for semiconductors: providing "lifecare"--intelligence that enhances the quality of life in smart cities, homes, highways, and even inside humans.

Mentor Graphics Webminars

You might have noticed a new link on the right hand side of the page. We are starting a new collaboration with the Mentor Graphics System Design Division, which includes the products and some of the staff from VeriBest, my last engineering job.

The division has a pending series of webinars that focus on complex PCB layout that you can attend during the next 2 months. Webinar topics include concurrent team design, high-speed constraint definition & routing, advanced fabrication technologies, and effective design reuse. These informative webinars describe:

  • How to use the latest PCB layout technologies to speed time-to-market
  • How to lower product costs through better PCB layout
  • How to enable competitive product differentiation

Get information by clicking on the Mentor box to the right.

Evaluating a Transaction-Based Co-Emulation Methodology

Takashi Kawabe, Konica Minolta Technology Center, Inc.

Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, EVE KK

Konica Minolta Technology Center, Inc., of Tokyo, Japan, is known for its high-speed, high-performance LSI designs used in image processing. As most semiconductor companies can attest, it is finding that the hardware debugging process is getting more and more complicated.
As a consequence, it recently set out to evaluate various hardware emulators to determine the best implementation for a transaction-based co-emulation methodology. The goal was to improve hardware verification and SoC realization efforts of its hardware design team, and to drastically reduce the time it spent creating custom transactors.

The three-month evaluation set out to identify which co-emulation system best optimized a set of transactors. Konica Minolta selected EVE’s ZeBu-XXL emulator and ZEMI-3 transactor compiler.

Calypto Announces Catapult Low-Power High-Level Synthesis

Calypto Design Systems, Inc. announced Catapult Low-Power (LP). For those that were wondering why Mentor had given Catapult-C to Calypto, and those who having accepted the transfer were wondering what in the world Calypto would do with it, the answer arrived today in the form of a product announcement.

To begin with it is clear how Catapult-C fits with the original Calypto products. I t is a link between ESL and RTL that is parallel to the SLEC product. But the new release is much more than that. It incorporates some of the SLEC technology as well as some of the PowerPro technology, providing a HLS that is also power aware.

Good First Quarter at Mentor Graphics, but Questions Remain.

Mentor graphics reported its 2013 first quarter revenue on May 25th. The news is good, but unfortunately for Mentor its reporting followed by a few days Synopsys report, and the comparison is not favorable to Mentor. To be fair, we are talking about two companies that are now practically so different that any direct comparison is becoming artificial. But since most of the industry continues to be preoccupied by who is number two and who is number three, one must look at the numbers taking Synopsys under consideration. Synopsys is a much more efficient company than Mentor, but it is also clear that Mentor has made good strides toward improving its results.

Synopsys Is All Good News

There got to be an end: it is just not human! But I do not see any changes to Synopsys good news, quarter after quarter. It may be in the genes, it may be in the coffee, or it just may be in old fashioned good work. But first, an outing then the numbers.

John Cooley Offers DAC Entertainment

John Cooley just published the first group of "edgy" questions submitted for his troublemaker panel at DAC. I must say the questions are almost all relevant, but very few will be answered. All the questions related to lawsuits, all the questions related to market share, all the questions related to top users of a specific product, all questions related to possible acquisitions, and all questions that ask why executives of a particular company are apparently stupid will of course not be answered. So, the collection of questions is a very well thought out vehicle to let users and competitors blow out steam, but certainly not to shed light on the industry. This will be another "EDAC CEO Panel" style event. It may make for good entertainment, John is always entertaining, but will yield very little knowledge.


Cindy Wilson, Marcom Manager, EVE

DAC is only a few short weeks away. At EVE, we’re busy finalizing our demos and presentations, and getting ready to ship our booth to the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

It’s an exciting time for us and we look forward to seeing attendees and fellow exhibitors again this year. Our attention will be focused on why so many companies are turning to EVE for their complex SoC verification needs.

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