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CR-5000 V14 Delivers Enhanced High-speed PCB Design and FPGA Collaboration

Zuken announced the immediate availability of version 14 of CR-5000, its advanced PCB and IC Package design software. The new version offers a number of significant productivity enhancements for greater collaboration in FPGA development and for high-speed design. Many enhancements have also been included in CR-5000 Lightning, Zuken’s leading high-speed design verification tool that enables rapid, accurate results, coupled with first-rate signal integrity, EMC and power integrity analysis.

Synopsys Acquires Ciranova

It had to happen. Synopsys was an early investor in Ciranova and the company has shown to be able to survive and grow on its own, validating its market strategy.

Synopsys completed the acquisition of Ciranova, a company focused on delivering productivity improvements in custom IC design by reducing the time and effort needed to develop transistor-level layout on advanced nodes. Terms were not disclosed, but since Synopsys already owned a portion of the company, the transaction was "in the family" and thus achieved in the most amicable terms, I am sure.

Hardware-Assisted Verification Platforms for Verifying Video and Graphics Chips

Lauro Rizzatti

Hardware-assisted verification platforms have been proven to support the verification needs of modern SoC realization. These platforms offer multi-MHz performance and comprehensive hardware debugging capabilities, which enable pre-silicon hardware/software co-verification and software validation.

However, each ASIC/SoC application also has its own unique challenges and requirements, and supporting their needs requires more than just fast emulation and 100% design accessibility. SoC realization also requires a high-performance, system-level verification platform surrounding the emulated design, including many application-specific peripherals and interfaces.

E³.series 2012 Enhances Support for the Automotive and Special Purpose Vehicle Industries

Practically a month ago, Zuken announced significant enhancements for the automotive and special purpose vehicle industry in E³.series 2012, its electrical and fluid CAD software.

The major goal of the release is to reduce the number of iterations between manufacturing engineers and design engineers, leading to reduced design time and improved quality. With E³.series 2012, users across the vehicle industries – from trucks and tanks to buses, cars and motorcycles can benefit from the improved integrations between design and manufacturing.

Graham Bell Goes For A Grammy

I am sure most of you by now know that graham Bell, VP of marketing at Real Intent has developed into an accomplished videographer. He has assembled some of his latest videos at YouTube. You can see them at:

Zuken Innovation World Registration Now Open

Zuken has opened the registration for its Zuken Innovation World to be held in Newport Beach October 15 - 17 at the Hyatt Regency.

By registering before August 31st attendees will save $175. In fact the early registration fee is $275 and it increases to $450 on September 1st.
Go to register here.

Kilopass XPM Memory IP Adds Programmability to Javelin Products

Javelin Semiconductor has selected the XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) Non Volatile Memory (NVM) Intellectual Property (IP) core from Kilopass for its latest product development. Innovator of the world’s first high-performance CMOS 3G power amplifier (PA), Javelin Semiconductor plans to incorporate Kilopass’ NVM IP into next-generation products that include the MIPI RFFE digital interface and support programmable capabilities.

New SystemC Library Available from Accellera

Accellera Systems Initiative has released version 2.3.0 of its SystemC open source proof-of-concept library, now available at no charge. Compatible with the newly revised IEEE 1666 "Standard SystemC Language Reference Manual," announced by the IEEE Standards Association in November 2011, version 2.3.0 provides a number of important new features, including support for transaction-level modeling (TLM).

A High Schooler's Perspective: Or How Not To Teach

The fundamental problem with verification is that it is too often seen as separate from design and development. The design and development teams are different from the verification team. The argument is often maid that the teams use different tools and have different skills. I maintain that this is the problem, not the path to a solution.
When verification is part of a design and development process, the integration of the requirements for all of the tasks yields a more robust process and a better product. The question should not be "How do we verify a design" but "how do we design a verifiable product". And then do not ask "how do we verify during development" but instead "how do we develop so that we achieve verified development stages".

New Zuken Innovation World Events Launched

Zuken announced the launch of a new annual conference for their user community. Zuken welcomes attendees from a diverse range of industries to eight locations worldwide. Users of Zuken's tools, their managers, and industry media alike will find sessions to interest, inform and inspire at each event. For more information and to find your local Zuken Innovation World event, visit

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