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Mentor Graphics: a foggy Logic Vision?

Last week Mentor Graphics Corporation and LogicVision, Inc. announced that the two companies have signed a definitive merger agreement.

Magma Launches “Liberate Me” program for Quartz DRC and Quartz

Magma Design Automation Inc. announced the availability of the Quartz DRC and Quartz LVS 2009.05 physical verification tools and offers a free 60 days trial program.

EVE Integrates Latest Xilinx ISE Design Suite into its Emulation Platforms

EVE announced that it has integrated the latest version of the Xilinx ISE Design Suite to its ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) emulation platforms.

Xilinx introduces domain-specific methodology

Xilinx is now shipping ISE Design Suite 11.1,which the company describes as a design solution with fully interoperable domain-specific design flows and tool configurations for logic, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded processing, and system-level design.

Magma announces support of Common Power Format (CPF)

Magma Design Automation Inc. announced that the Talus IC implementation system has been enhanced to support the Common Power Format (CPF). With the addition of CPF, Talus becomes the first RTL-to-GDSII flow to support both the CPF and the Unified Power Format (UPF).

EDA and the car: are we missing the bus?

The release of Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect by Mentor got some of us to discover AUTOSAR and the possibilities it offers.
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Magma: back to basics

Rajeev Madhavan, Chairman and CEO of Magma Design Automation, titled his keynote speech at the recently concluded MUSIC event in San Jose: Start Me Up - Back to Basics. I talked to Rajeev afterwards.

IBM’s Dr. David Kung Named Chair of DATC

Dr. David Kung, senior manager of the Design Automation Department at IBM Research, has been elected chair of the IEEE Design Automation Technical Committee (DATC). He will assume the two-year position July 1 and will work closely with Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo, DATC’s current chair and partner with the IBM Venture Capital Group through the transition.

EVE Enhances Hardware Debugging Capabilities of Its Emulation Platform

EVE has announced that it is expanding the hardware debugging capabilities of ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) emulation systems by adding support for SystemVerilog Assertions, flexible probes, and complete access to all combinational signals at run-time for thorough design debugging.

New Versions of MATLAB Parallel Computing Products

Parallel Computing Toolbox enables users to run applications in up to eight cores, empowering MATLAB users to take more advantage of multicore desktop computers without major programming efforts.

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