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New electrical/wire harness design products from Mentor

Mentor Graphics Corporation has released a new version of the VeSys® electrical/wire harness design products serving harness makers and off-road and specialty vehicle manufacturers. The VeSys 2.0 application suite has been completely re-architected.

EDAC reports disappearing customers

Four times a year, the EDA Consortium (EDAC) publishes its Market Statistics Service (MSS). The detailed report is available for purchase or companies receive it for free as a benefit of their membership in EDAC. The latest issue, just published, confirms what we have all suspected. In spite of past proclamations to the contrary, the EDA industry does suffer from the general economic downturn, unless such downturn is short and shallow.

Mentor introduces Olympus-SoC platform

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the availability of the Olympus-SoC platform with new features for low power IC implementation. The low power capabilities are targeted for advanced technology processes and take advantage of the Olympus-SoC production-proven design-for-variability architecture.

Synopsys Introduces Discovery 2009

Platform Encompasses New Multicore Simulation Performance, Native Design Checks, Comprehensive Low Power Verification Capabilities, and CustomSim Unified Circuit Simulation Solution.

CoWare Releases New Platform-Centric Software Analysis Tool

CoWare, Inc., announced the availability of a new platform-centric software analysis development tool that targets multi-core software development.


Gary Smith has published a short research paper authored by Sharon Tan that explores one possible avenue to increase EDA revenue by expanding the service aspect of the business.

EDP 2009

This workshop gathers some of the leading methodologists and researchers in EDA.

IEEE Approves low-power design standard

The IEEE has approved a new standard, IEEE 1801, "Standard for Design and Verification of Low Power Integrated Circuits."

Mentor Graphics Announces FloEFD

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the FloEFD [Engineering Fluid Dynamics] v9.0 product suite from the company’s Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly known as Flomerics), with functionality specifically targeted for simulation and analysis of electronics cooling applications.

Gemini begins shipment of Gsim analog simulator

Gemini Design Technology has introduced a SPICE-accurate simulator: GSim. The new Gemini simulator has demonstrated run times and capacity of up to 30x that of earlier generation analog simulators through its use of next-generation core SPICE algorithms combined with a multi-threaded approach.

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