Accellera Breakfast at DAC

In just a few years the Accellera breakfast has become an institution at DAC. It is held on Tuesday at 7:00 AM. This requires a bit of effort from the attendees, but it is well worth while.

It started as the usual breakfast, although I was sitting next to Richard Goering who raises chickens and thus found the scrambled eggs wanting. But I am sure that in places like Moscone the scrambled eggs come from a box of powdered eggs anyway.

The first official business was the awarding of the Accellera Leadership award. This year's recipient is Yatin Trivedi. Yatin was not one of the four founders of Accellera, but became very active once Magma joined the consortium. Since then Yatin has been an officer of Accellera, as well as dedicating a significant amount of time to the IEEE as a volunteer.
I have written previously about DVCon Europe and remarked in that piece that Accellera should have held an DVCon in India before going top Europe. Well during the breakfast DVCon India was announced, taking place about one month before DVCon Europe. It will be held in Bangalore and the nucleus of volunteers making it possible comes from the SystemC Users Group which has been active for years in India.

Next there was a panel of UVM users. This panel was a bit different than most panels organized by the authoring organization of the tool subject of the panel. Panelists actually talked freely about the difficulties of adopting the standard and the cost of moving from whatever flow they were using to the new standard. Accellera courage must be applauded, since it shows that the organization puts adoption above publicity.