The Data Center Is Back, But In The Cloud

There are probably a few old timers like me who remember the Data Center. It was a physical place one went in order to use powerful computers the company either could not afford or did not want to purchase. Control Data Corporation made the data center famous with its line of CDC 6XXX computers used mostly for engineering and scientific applications. A data center near the Los Angeles airport was my second home during 1968 to 1972 while working as a consultant.

The concept of batch time sharing became financially undesirable for a while, but it is back today with a different label. It is now called "Cloud Computing". Thanks to creative label makers marketing professional the virtual data center has received a much "sexier" name. The new system is made possible by the tremendous increase in bandwidth and data security in communication systems.

I cannot help it to fantasize a very large satellite orbiting the Earth and providing extreme computing capability all powered by its arrays of solar energy collectors. It is so large that one can see it in the sky, even during the day. How cool would that be?

While we wait for the satellite, OneSpin Solutions is offering the ability to run formal verification on IC designs on its cloud. The service has successfully a 90-days, Beta trial. The OneSpin Cloud Computing System, available via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, provides secure and fully automated solutions for advanced formal verification (FV), offering the functionality provided by OneSpin 360 DV-Inspect and 360 DV-Verify.