Death And Dark Matter

Death is a personal and solitary thing. I thought about it yesterday while attending the funeral of a fellow golfer. Nobody can do it for you, and no one does it with you. Funerals are pretty common here, especially during the winter months. Not because of the inclement weather, of course. But in winter our population grows considerably thanks to the snowbirds.

For those not familiar with Floridian lingo, a snowbird has no feathers and is in fact human. We permanent Florida residents call snowbirds those that come to winter in Florida from their home in the northern states or Canada. Some of them do not go back north, and not because they do not choose to.

Funerals are a perfect occasion to meditate about life, especially during the church service. I was thinking about the dogmas that constitute the framework of this particular religion. Are they founded in truth? Are they partly the result of verbal history passed through generations, each generation embellishing the story to make it more interesting? Don't the church leaders realize the logical discontinuity among their statements?

Semantics in the contents of the service were not coherent, and yet this was not the first time I heard them. But this time I was paying attention in a different way. I was thinking about death, about the meaning of death. Does death have any meaning?

Sometimes the survivors give meaning to someone's death, especially if it is the result of an act of heroism or courage. But what about the person that died? What happens after ward? Is he or she fulfilled by the act of heroism? And if so is it because the personality lives? Most western religions believe that each person is one identity while some eastern religions believe in re-incarnation: the same identity in many successive persons. Who is correct? Or are both wrong? Materialists tell us that death is the end. The resulting matter and energy do not conserve any identity: it is pure recycling.

To take Christian religion literally at the end of days spirit and body are reunited. Where are the spirits stored? Does each new birth require the creation of new energy? What about the bodies? The earth has not grown larger due to the billions of additional body remains? Did I just discover an explanation for the nature of dark matter?